Intake 80 € (include a 15 min call follow up and a written assessment)

Follow ups 50€


Full body 1 hour * 70€

A package of 4 massage to be used in 4 months 240€.

Full body 1 hour* with svedana (steam bath) 100€

WeYogaBrussels Students who have purchased (at least) one workshop can benefit of 10€ discount on one coaching and/ or massage.

*The massage itself last approximately 1hour but the whole treatment will last 1h30/45 minutes in total. The treatment starts with a brief chat about your health condition and I’ll suggest which massage is more suitable for you. After the massage you’ll have plenty of time to rest and drink your ayurvedic decoction.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             When you choose for the steam bath after the massage, the whole treatment will last 2hours. After the conversation and the ayurvedic tea, you’ll receive a foot bath, the massage, the steam bath and a juice.

Cancellations must be done prior 24hrs of the reservation, otherwise the full fee must be paid.

Ayurvedic treatments and coaching do not or can not replace a medical diagnosis.

All personal information remains confidential.