Massage is a fundamental part of Ayurveda. It plays an important role in cleansing and mantaining the body’s health as well as providing relaxation for the mind.

The majority of Ayurvedic massages are done with warm oil. The benefits of this practice are numerous, and include:

  • Eliminating toxins accumulated in the skin as well as those in joints and tissues and releasing them from the system for elimination.
  • Strengthening and toning muscles by making them more resistant to injury.
  • Increasing blood circulation.

Soothing the nervous system and gaining a sensation similar to that of regular meditation.

Abhyanga massage
Abhyanga massage is a dynamic massage of the whole body with warm oil. It purifies and nourishes the whole body and all its tissues. It purifies the mind and renews your vital energy. It is performed with medium force and adapted to your needs.
It is a massage beneficial for everybody, especially for those with dry skin and also for tension and insomnia. It is not recommended in the case of physical weakness or for pregnant women.

Sattvic Relaxing Massage
The Sattvic massage is a relaxing massage with warm oil, but it can also be done without oil through clothes. It works on the mental, emotional and consciousness levels.
It is a massage for everyone, especially in cases of stress, physical and mental fatigue, and lack of concentration.

Udvartan Massage
Udvartan massage is a whole body draining massage with warm oil that can be combined with exfoliating and nourishing powders.
Udvartan works mainly on your body’s lymphatic system, blood circulation and adipose tissue. It eliminates waste and feeds all tissues. It is a massage beneficial for everyone.

(Ud) Garshan Massage
The Garshan massage is a purifying exfoliation that works on the lymphatic system and the physical plane by facilitating tissue nutrition. It is done with wild silk gloves. It is a massage indicated especially for anyone who has excess weight, fatigue, or weak circulation, or a lack of energy.

Prenatal Massage
Prenatal massage is a combination of a relaxing and draining massage with warm oil on the whole body. It helps against fatigue and nourishes the tissues, allowing you to relax and be more present for yourself and your baby.

All the massages, except for Prenatal massage, can be followed by a svedana (steam bath).

The massages offered are neither of a medical, therapeutic or sexual nature but purely relaxing and energising.

Ayurveda is simply the science of understanding your own unique self and being who you are meant to be
Manjiri Nadkarni