Ayurvedic treatments are a fundamental part of Ayurveda. they play an important role in cleansing and mantaining the body’s health as well as providing relaxation for the mind.

The majority of Ayurvedic treatments are done with warm oil. The benefits of this practice are numerous, and include:

  • Eliminating toxins accumulated in the skin as well as those in joints and tissues and releasing them from the system for elimination.
  • Strengthening and toning muscles by making them more resistant to injury.
  • Increasing blood circulation.
  • Soothing the nervous system and gaining a sensation similar to that of regular meditation.


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Abhyanga massage
Abhyanga massage (abhy means friction and anga means limbs) is a dynamic massage of the whole body with warm oil. It purifies and nourishes the whole body and all its tissues. It purifies the mind and renews your vital energy. It is performed with medium force and adapted to your needs.
It is a massage beneficial for everybody, especially for those with dry skin and also for tension and insomnia. It is not recommended in the case of physical weakness or for pregnant women. 75 min 80€; 90 min 90€

Sattvic Relaxing Massage
The Sattvic (“which gives light”) massage  is a relaxing massage with warm oil, but it can also be done without oil through clothes. It is done with very gentle and slow strokes, it feels soothing and grounding. It works on the mental, emotional and consciousness levels.
It is a massage for everyone, especially in cases of stress, physical and mental fatigue, and lack of concentration. 70 min 80€

Udvartan Massage
Udvartan (vartan means unction ud means upwards) massage is a whole body draining massage with warm oil that can be combined with exfoliating and nourishing powders. It is done slowly in the direction of the lymphatic nodes. Udvartan works mainly on your body’s lymphatic system, blood circulation and adipose tissue. It eliminates waste and feeds all tissues. It is a massage beneficial for everyone. 75 min 80€  *the treatment with the fresh powders 90 min 100€

(Ud) Garshan Massage
The Garshan (garshan means scrub and ud means upwards) massage is a purifying exfoliation that works on the lymphatic system and the physical plane by facilitating tissue nutrition. It is done with wild silk gloves. It is a massage indicated especially for anyone who has excess weight, fatigue, or weak circulation, or a lack of energy. 20 min 30€ ; plus full body massage with oil 70 min 100€

107 Marmas Massage
Marmas are energetic points or areas, related to the organs, the emotions, and the mind as well as to the chakras and the vital energy (prana). Marma massage is a full body massage done with warm oil. This massage supports and restores the body’s energetic flow. It purifies and nourishes the whole body and all its tissues as well as the mind. It renews the whole body’s vital energy. The subtle channels (nadis) and the chakras are also stimulated and even illuminated. 120 min 120€

Vishesh massage                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Vishesh is a type of abhyanga that acts on the deep tissues. It is performed with a strong pressure and a slow pace. Each massage’ sequence is completed by the pressure of a wet and very hot towel. This massage works on releasing toxins and emotions deep rooted in the body. It is a massage indicated especially for heaviness and dullness in the body and mind. 90 min 95€

Prenatal Massage
Prenatal massage is a combination of a relaxing and draining massage with warm oil on the whole body. It helps against fatigue and nourishes the tissues, allowing you to relax and be more present for yourself and your baby. 75 min 80€

Head, shoulder, neck massage

Ayurvedic head massage is done with oil. The head massage follows a specific sequence: the spine, neck, shoulders, are massaged first then the chest and neck muscles, we end with the face, ears, skull, and scalp. This massage works mainly on the vital life force, the nervous system and on the mental/emotional plane. It helps creating a balance in the nervous system and clarifies and calms the mind. It can be combined with shiropichu (see treatments). This massage is indicated for stress, scalp, and hair problems. 30 min 45€; 45 min 60€

Kansavati – Foot  Massage (with bowl kanzu)

A deeply relaxing  foot massage that helps soothing and revitalising tired feet and legs, and at the same time stimulate all organs of the body. It is very good for everyone and particularly for stress, insomnia, anxiety.  The end of the massage is done with an indian bowl Kanzu, coated with ghee, that stimulates the foot’s reflex points.  Chakras can be worked as well. The treatment is preceded by a foot bath. 30 min 40€; 60 min 60€                                                                                                                                   

All the massages, (except for Prenatal massage), can be followed by a SVEDANA (steam bath). The benefits of a steam bath after an oil massage are numerous and include:

  • Skin lubrication
  • Improves metabolism
  • Eliminates toxins and relaxes the muscles
  • Activates circulation
  • Reduce stress
  • “Tone” the nervous system

Duration 10- 15 min  price 40€


Basti is an external oil bath for local treatment of the back (kati basti), knee (janu basti), belly (udara basti), heart (uro basti), shiropichu etc. A ring is made with chickpea paste and will serve as a circle to the area to be treated. Hot oil is poured inside the ring. The oil is renewed to maintain a gentle temperature throughout the treatment. Shiropichu is a variation done with a tissue (towel) around the top of the head, in which a generous amount of warm oil is poured slowly for 10 minutes. The oil relaxes and nourishes the tissues, stimulates blood circulation, soothes pain and purifies. Basti treatments acts on the physical plane and the nervous system. It is recommended for muscular and joints pain, breathing problems, rigidity and inflammation.                                                                                          The most benefits of this treatment are attained after multiple repetitions on several consecutive days.                                                                                                            Duration and price to be discussed dipending on the aerea treated.

Nasya (nostril treatment)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Nasya is an energetic face massage, focusing particularly on sinuses, forehead, neck and high part of the chest. It is performed with oil and combined with facial sweating and inhalation. Hand and/or feet massage is also performed. It acts on the physical plane (anamahy kosha) the mental and emotional plane as well. It is very beneficial for any respiratory and breathing problems, head congestion, mucus and phlegm in the airways, stiff neck, tinnitus, snoring, loss of smell respiratory allergies. 45 min 60€

Karna purana (ear treatment)                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Karna purana is an ear treatment during which the ear canal is filled with lukewarm oil. The oil stays in each ear for 5 to 15 minutes. This treatment helps cleansing and opening the ear and its channel as well as calming the mind, bringing the attention inward. It’s beneficial also to relieve pain around the head and the neck area. This treatment can be combined with a full body massage as well as head neck and shoulder massage and shiropichu. 30 min 45€


Ayurveda is simply the science of understanding your own unique self and being who you are meant to be
Manjiri Nadkarni