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Urban detox

Dates: 14-15-16 Octobre 2022

Time: 8:30 AM- 4PM

Avec Reinhilde Terryn, Irene Ibba and Marc Brandl yoga teacher.

We created a perfect fusion of Ayurveda and Chinese medicine for you. Both are strongly rooted in the tradition of ‘food as medicine’ where specific herbs and foods heal and nurture the body. Why did we choose to make a fusion? We are convinced that a multidisciplinary detox program with yoga, acupuncture, , ayurvedic massages, herbs and nutrition will do more to your health than only a detox diet.

In Ayurveda we say that we become what we digest. And we digest not only food but everything that comes in through our senses. All that we cannot digest on emotional and physically level accumulates in our body and mind. It shows up as bad breath, heartburn, bloated belly, constipation, diarrhoea, insomnia, depressive moods, suppressed anger, painful menstruation, menopausal flashes, oedema, arthritis and other inflammations…

In this fusion detox we will combine the Ayurvedic tradition of internal and external oleation (snehana) and the perspiration therapy, steam bath), with the  (swedana), cleansing treatments of Chinese medicine such as cupping for external detoxification and acupuncture to move the energy in your body. This with soft yoga and meditation.

A good cleansing removes accumulated toxins and trapped energies and restores the balance in your body, mind, and spirit.

Urban detox invites you to go on a journey where we will guide you to a process of purification, and deep stillness. Where you can release what you do not longer need.

We look forward to take you on this Urban detox journey with cleansing, massage, acupuncture, cupping, yoga and meditation.

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Contact me via mail or phone if you have any question.

Location: Be here: Rue Dieudonné Lefèvre 4, 1020 Bruxelles

Prix: 560 €                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Register and pay before 10th of September 2022 and you will receive 1,5l broth (your dinner) worth €25 for free.

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Post-natal yoga with baby-series of four (ONLINE)

Dates: Opening soon! Are you interested ? Contact me.


The immediate post-natal period can be a time of great joy as well as profound vulnerability and fatigue. The yogic attitudes of openness and acceptance are therefore even more precious in this period.

In this 4 session series we will practice postnatal yoga and baby massage.

Postnatal yoga focuses on breathing, relaxation as well as addressing common aches and pains and regaining fitness and vitality. The practise can be done with your baby next to you.
Baby massage is done with accessible, gentle and effective techniques that you can integrate into your daily life with the baby. The massage helps to calm and soothe both parent and baby. It’s a moment of tenderness and exchange.

The whole session is also a perfect moment to meet other mothers, exchange your experiences and enjoy the connection of sharing the practice with them and their babies.

The postnatal yoga class is suitable for mothers and babies from 6 weeks (or 8 weeks if Caesarian birth) to walking.