Kids Yoga

Yoga is beneficial for the body, mind and soul both for adults and children and adolescents. It gives us confidence, balance, strength and flexibility while promoting focus and concentration.

With good posture and breathing techniques the hyperactive children regain calm and concentration, while those who are bored or lethargic become active and alert.

Children are born yogis. Since their birth they know the best position for their body, they know how to breathe deeply and they are open-minded. Yoga is the best way not to forget, the best way to move, breathe and simply be themselves.

For each class, I choose a theme (trip to India, a day at the beach, autumn, how the body work, feelings etc.) in accordance with the age of the group. Each theme serves as a pretext for immersing the children in a universe that stimulates their fantasy, creativity and interest. Every object, person, animal etc. is transformed into a yoga pose, breathing exercise and mudra (hand, eye and face gestures).

The children adhere to the proposed universe, which allows not only to teach them yoga postures through play, but also to introduce a work on breathing (pranayama) and meditation.

The benefits of yoga for children are many here is a non-exhaustive list:

  • Develop flexibility, balance, physical strength
  • Be aware of their breathing and emotions
  • Support the development of language and vocabulary
  • Promote respect for the environment
  • Promote contact and respect for themselves and others
  • Learn stress management
  • Develop focus and concentration
  • Develop awareness of space
  • Balance the cerebral hemispheres
  • Encourage a sense of calmness
  • Learn to relax or increase energy
  • Learn to let go of negative emotions

And all that, having fun!

I offer yoga to children mainly as a game, because it is through play and pleasure that they learn the best.

The child has his own laws of growth and if we want to help him grow we must follow him instead of imposing ourselves in him.
Maria Montessori